Turkey Love

Dear all,

What an insightful week this has become with you sharing your online teaching experiences, ways of viewing learning and the approaches you therefore take to teaching. I wanted to thank you all for your contributions, and on that note of thankfulness, leave my best wishes for an enjoyable thanksgiving, where- and whomever you will be spending it with.

With the climate crisis so apparent, this year has left me often shellshocked, but at the same time I’ve made it a deliberate effort to take in the beauty around me and appreciate the human connections I made or reinforced with some inspiring individuals. I was thrilled when I went out to harvest and later ferment my first batch of beautiful fireweed this June, for instance, and I still can’t believe my luck of working so closely with my new colleague, Kristi, now.

Although I won’t have a full turkey this year, I still remember my first turkey dinner at our friend’s place four years ago and how I made my own first full turkey purchase on an organic farm nearby the year later 🙂