Teaching Digital 4.0

Below you’ll find my annotated, openly accessible go-to resources for teaching with digital components and in online environments. I will update the list by frequency of use on my end either as an instructor or educational developer:

The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to Alternative Assessment

This is a guide (34 page PDF) that helps reconsider student assessment for digital learning. It lists accessible learning resources in the beginning and then moves into the main section where examples case studies, essay assignments, interviews, etc are listed.


The peeragogy project revolves around the collaborative collection of articles and resources to help students learn through the focused interaction with peers. Below you’ll find the 3rd edition of a Handbook as well as Wikibook listed and you can join an active discussion group on Google.

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Teaching in the Digital Age

Written in 2015 and meanwhile a classic, this open textbook by Dr. Tony Bates is a very concise yet comprehensive guidebook for educators wanting to transition into digital teaching. The book provides suggestions and frameworks that guide educators in equipping students with skills, attitudes and knowledge pertaining to work and life in digital societies.