PD 2020

Feb: FLO Intercultural Communication

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One-week course run by BC Campus Teaching and Learning to explore 1 intercultural communication concept through an experiential learning approach that includes 1 reading and 1 assignment.  

References of Interest

Barna, L. (1998). Stumbling Block in Intercultural Communication. IN: Bennett, M. Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication, 1998. Retrieved March 28, 2020, from http://pharmacy304.pbworks.com/f/Barna,+L.M.+(1994).pdf

EAL 6 Stumbling Blocks in Intercultural Communication Infographic | SFU OLC. (n.d.). Retrieved March 28, 2020, from http://www.sfu.ca/olc/eal/6stumblingblocksininternationalcommunication/infographic

March: #openteach

A MOOC designed and facilitated by the #Openteach initiative by DUC (Dublin City University). I suppose that the number of interested educators who want to learn about online teaching due to CoV-2 measures gotten bigger than the facilitators could have anticipated.

The course is set up in modules that can be completed by the participants at their own pace. The facilitation happens through email notifications for the welcome message and a few comments on some of the posts made in the initial module. The final task will be to plan an online activity and present it to the Moodle group that participants are part of.

#Openteach learning outcomes
#1. Demonstrate awareness of teaching and learning pedagogy associated with online learning.
#2. Facilitate online communication and discussion forums that engage
students in learning.
#3. Create a supportive community of learners using online teaching
#4. Develop and facilitate online collaborative activities that support
student learning.
#5. Design online teaching activities that encourage student
participation and learning and reflect on personal learning from this
#6. Use digital tools effectively to support online teaching.

March: #edunauten

I love the ‘unconference’ approach of this German-speaking collective of educators and other specialist working in the fields of education.

I made a late start, but I have thrown a few glances at the list of questions and topic that were developed in the early stage and which have now in great parts turned into working groups. My next step will be to join a few of the groups and their search for solutions or drive for creation projects. So far, I am interested in finding out more about the following questions: