Herbalist Apprentice

Since my childhood I have had a true curiosity and reverence for all things natural. Whenever I can spend time outdoors, may it be in my backyard or in the mountains close to my prairie home, I am drawn to notice my surroundings, especially the flora and fauna.

Connecting to plants has always been a way to anchor myself in this world, feel purpose, reverence and wonder. Going forward, I hope to pair my love for plants and my lived experiences outdoors with the profound knowledge and practical skills needed to become an effective herbalist who while nourishing herself can also heal others and advocate for a sustainable life on this earth.

Although have devoured many different books on herbal use of plants and organic gardening to this day, my current knowledge of plant medicine is neither extensive nor expert, which is why I have decided to apprentice with a Canadian Master herbalist, who will guide me in my 3-year journey.

I am regularly foraging in my city and on trips to the countryside, but am limited by my current knowledge of edibles and herb. Having grown up in Europe, I am mostly familiar with invasive plants from there.

I also garden organically and the reason for it is to obviously enjoy the lively buzz of a diverse habitat as well as to compile a winter stock of herbal teas and tinctures. I wish to expand my informal (weed) garden to grow more local species with medicinal and nutrient properties, so I can build a supply for more herbalist healing interactions.