Teaching Languages

As a Modern Language teacher, I am continuously evolving.

Since my early classroom days, my interactions with learners and other teachers have continuously been nourishing my innate interest in (intercultural) communication, linguistics, and language learning processes. It is my firm belief that through the reciprocal sharing of experiences, knowledge, and resources I can positively contribute to the efforts in Open Education that aspire to make high-quality education accessible to all people worldwide. Reflection and an open mind are key factors in my ability to create meaningful learning experiences for my vastly diverse students.

I strive to design and teach courses that get all students excited about the matters we are to explore. My courses are built to provide human connections, permission to experiment, solid knowledge and tangible skills for my students to meet the discomfort innate to learning with a generally positive attitude and a set of effective strategies that help them tackle challenges as they arise during our courses as well as later on when they embark on their independent learning paths.

When my students and I actively build, blog, create, collaborate, design, facilitate, make, negotiate, produce, publish, simulate, and progress in unexpected ways, we often move beyond the frameworks set for a course and reach those place where we are being stretched, without the frustration, but with joy instead. I am dedicated to welcome and support all my students, so they can proudly and confidently contribute their unique voices to the advancement of learning in our courses and beyond.