Educational Developer

As an Educational Developer, I am committed to supporting the whole person within the greater frameworks of the academic institution.

I greatly enjoy building relationships with colleagues, clients, and students on my local campus and beyond, allowing for focused collaboration, engaged interactions and significant learning that aligns well with the principles of social well-being, civil society and equitable global advancement. In the four years since I entered the field of academic development, I have become interested in exploring evidence-based practices to inform my work and the programming at our local university.

In the last 4 years of working for a small university Teaching Centre, I have also been active in:

  1. building an active and ongoing OER campus Community of practice, supporting faculty and library in transition to OER and helping the UofL to be (inter)nationally connected and represented in the Open Education Movement,
  2. building and maintaining a campus community, in which members are growing their digital teaching skills through in face-to-face and online faculty learning experiences.
  3. promoting a holistic lens to faculty achievement. At the core of my thought and work is the support of the whole person within the greater framework of the academic institution and the different roles associated with it.
  4. investigating the impact of open course resources on student learning and achievement.
  5. engaging in the national Educational Developer Caucus and international Critical Pedagogy Lab communities to inspire my practice, share my work and further grow my skills in this newly emerging field.

I am specialised in the support of faculty in any of the areas below:

  • Accessibility of Education
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Learning
  • Critical Digital Pedagogy
  • Ethical, Innovative and Purposeful Use of Educational Technology
  • Inclusive Course Design
  • Language Teaching and Learning as Second and Other Languages
  • Online and Blended Teaching
  • Open Education: Open Access to Quality Collaboration/ Content/ Pedagogy/ Research
  • Peer Feedback for Teaching Development
  • Pressbooks hosted Open Education Alberta
  • Task-Based and Active Learning
  • Teaching Philosophy and Portfolio
  • SoTL Research
  • Student Engagement