Module 4: Create your own Unit/ Resource

Dear FLO enthusiasts,

A great and warm welcome to those who persisted and are ready to continue the hard work. At this point in the FLOd2019 course, we will be making bigger leaps, which will take very individual shapes and forms depending on the unique ideas you’ll be developing for your individual teaching contexts.

This picture shows 3 frogs hanging on a twig and there's text saying: Hang in there FLO people. We can do it

In this module, you will finally start developing an online unit or resource/ activity for your online course. In order for us to assess the quality of the online elements we develop, we will need to establish and agree upon specific assessment criteria.

Start the week 4 by watching this brief intro tutorial.

Welcome Message

Then you can move into the first mandatory activity – a Wiki-creation, for which you will need to take a sequence of steps in order to complete it. Read the instructions closely once you enter the Wiki.

The second mandatory task this week will be to develop the elements for your online course that you identified last week. Reach out to me or connect with your peers if you need to discuss ideas or make requests for help. The Open Forum will be a great place to discuss any relating questions or concerns you might have.

Looking forward to a very productive week,


Snapshot of Moodle Module 4

Moving into the most exciting part – the actual development of #uleth #FLOd2019 online course units, activities and resources. Time to take a pedagogical stance + synthesize theories, research and individual ideas with intent and skill.

Almost done, but the hardest work to come.
— Jördis Weilandt 蔚藍水晶 (@JoerdisWeilandt) April 7, 2019