We acknowledge that the distinction between ‘digital’ and ‘physical’, between ‘online’ and ‘offline’, once seemingly unambiguous, has begun to blur thanks to the ubiquity of cellphones and personal location data, ad and experience targeting, connected devices, wearable technology, the Internet of Things, and AI.

POTENTIAL:  The convergence of physical and digital present us with the opportunities to walk on new pathways of teaching and learning that will equip our students with the knowledge and skill sets required of them in a knowledge-based society. However, we also need to be aware of the problems and risks related to accessible education, intellectual property, online privacy, mental health, etc.  Only if the digital and physical are merged intentionally, can we create meaningful and integrated human experiences that prepare our students for the ‘new world’ ahead of them.

CHALLENGE: If we consider the current students the future, we will need to ask ourselves how exactly we can shape their experiences, so they are in accordance with the acceleration of change, with our rigorous expectations and with our understanding of digital fluency.

SOLUTION: This is not an easy problem to tackle. We will need to connect with each other and with educators beyond our campus to adequately address that challenge. If you can, join us to discuss your ideas, strategise your own digital learning and contribute to the pool of ideas, resources and experiences shared here.

ULTIMATE GOAL: With this website, we hope to create a digital space that inspires educators to reflect on their teaching practices and build a network, in which we can freely share our ideas, questions and resources.