The distinction between ‘digital’ and ‘physical’, between ‘online’ and ‘offline’, once seemingly unambiguous, has begun to blur thanks to the ubiquity of digital experiences that have permeated most aspects of our modern lives.


POTENTIAL: The convergence of physical and digital present us with the opportunities to walk on new pathways of teaching and learning, where we can continue building trusting relationships with students and peers, locally and beyond the boundaries of our specific vicinities. If we wish to merge the digital and the physical intentionally, however, we will need to centre our educational practice on community and collaboration and if we want our classrooms to be truly safe and inclusive spaces, we will need to re-imagine the ways in which that communication and collaboration happens. We will need to be open to a lively and rigorous exchange of ideas, hesitations, and critical questions.  In addition to our hearts and care, we will also need to put in hard work and dedication to allow for learning experiences that are transformative and human at their central core.