The distinction between ‘digital’ and ‘physical’, between ‘online’ and ‘offline’, once seemingly unambiguous, has begun to blur due to the ubiquity of digital experiences that have permeated most aspects of our modern lives.

The convergence of physical and digital present us with the opportunities to walk on new pathways of teaching and learning, where we can continue building trusting relationships with students and peers, locally and beyond the boundaries of our specific localities.

I AM A TEACHER: It is my personal wish and professional goal to merge the digital and the physical intentionally by centring my educational practice on community and collaboration. I want my face-to-face and online classrooms to be truly safe and inclusive, where all people can work equally well; despite the different configurations we all inevitably bring into the shared spaces.

I AM AN EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPER: I greatly enjoy assisting my educator-colleagues in their teaching career growth and progression. In that capacity, I provide honest, safe and trusting relationships, that allow for analysis and experimentation to find those methods and approaches that best suit the individuals, specific groups or entire departments, each within their unique micro-culture and disciplinary contexts.  By building close working relationships, I also know who to connect with each over to share ideas, answer questions and realize projects, which ultimately helps create a sense of belonging, creativity and productivity on my campus.

I AM ALSO A LEARNER: Working (and living) mean for me to continuously re-imagine the ways in which I can further my own learning and that of my students, clients and peers.  Always open to new experiences, I thrive on focused discussions and the sharing of ideas, hesitations, and/ or critical questions to inform my own work (and life). Independent study of research pertaining to many aspects of (higher) education further build, enrich and/or modify my understandings of current developments in my two professions.

At the core of my educational values is the belief that by learning new things, listening closely to students/ clients/ peers and tapping into my experience, I can marry honest care with the hard work that is necessary to create truly transformative, human learning experiences for all people in my immediate environments.

The tabs above capture some of the things I am currently exploring professionally and personally.

I am currently learning:

  • to stay sane in times of great uncertainty and injustice by uniting with unique individuals who care about this earth and humanity.
  • to feed as little personal data into the big corporate world as possible,
  • to learn open-source and free software tools and practices,
  • to find ways that effectively change the patriarchal society/ working environments I am living in,
  • to play the piano by breaking habits of perfectionism and slowly transitioning into improvisation,
  • to run outside in my new running shoes while our city isn’t yet on lockdown,
  • to bead creatively with the few beadweaving patterns I know,
  • to  decide where and with whom I would like to formally continue in my own professional development,
  • to forage for wild edible/ medicinal plants in my immediate and farther surrounding,
  • to tread lightly and leave only a minimal carbon footprint on this earth.